(Français) Chair(s), Jean-Marc Fillet


“2 chairs face to face
Waiting for the Other
That he sits
The encounter
The instant
Given by the Other
The exchange
Trusting the Other
The connection or not
To where one can lead
The relationship
Proceeding from seduction
Making a dance
To emotion
Impulse, répulsion
Can arise
A story
The story
Of Time
Two of us
Waiting for the other
The passage
The trick
The intimates
The Other”

Jean-Marc Fillet


Since he has been starting trainig at the art conservatory in Marseille from 89 to 91, he has never ceased experimenting and lookink for new horizons.He works first of all, as a comedian in 1992 with Ivan Romeuf’s Egregore Cie and their way will never stop crossing each other until now. Then as he meets different people, he works with such local theatre cies. In 1994 he meets William Petit (Rialto Cie), start dancing in contemporary dance then following different courses with choreographs such as J. Nadj, H. Maalem, C. Blaise etc … He joins the group Ex Nihilo, directed by A. Le Batard et J.A. Bigot from 1999 up to now, he tours with, in France, Europe an abroad. He joins the creation of La Liseuse with G. Appaix (M encore), performs with F. Ruckert (Ring and Love Zoo), Lynda Gaudreau (Lucky Bastard) and creates a circus dance performance with The Cie NÖ (Jutta Knödler). In 1997 he plays with the object theatre within the kitchen theatre of C. Carrignon (Operation Jules Verne) and goes back to this company in 2002 with Cathy Deville for a dance theatre creation (Curieuses !). Questioning himself relentlessly about corporal and oral language. In 2003, he realizes his first production Just Hamlet of S. Valetti for “The Informelles” at the Bernardines Theatre (revival at Lenche Theatre in 2006) and signs his first solo dance Bellua Videns, for the Dansem festival in 2004. In 2009 under the aegis of the Opus Time structure, whose projects he initiates, he develops hybrid projects mixing dance, performance and theatre. He presents with Yves Miara Tragedy solo3 (Bancs Publics) and in 2011 he is back to language with an adaptation of texts by Valère Novarina Théâtre des paroles undertitled J’leur montre comme je meurs.
Today Novarina’s play tours the local high schools and Opus Time initiates a working stage at the Klap, Within the “Miniatures” of Officina, CHAIR (S).

Hosted in residency in Marseille at Klap – maison pour la danse and to the Cie la Liseuse studio from March 25th to 30th. Final presentation of the Miniatures Ramallah program in April 19th and 20th at the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival. Miniatures Ramallah associates L’Officina to Marseille-Provence 2013, European capital of culture and to Sareyyet Ramallah-First Ramallah Group and receives support from Convention Institut françaisVille de Marseille, from Direction des relations internationales du Conseil général des Bouches-du-Rhône and from Mécènes du Sud – Projet Lauréat 2013.

© Freddy Peretti

Thanks to Klap-Maison pour la danse and to Cie La Liseuse for the studio hosting.

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