Structures : L’Animal a l’Esquena


L’Anima a l’Esquena meets the needs of its founders, Maria Munoz and Pep Ramis, artistic directors of the Co. Mal Pelo, develop a network of structures for the exchange between artists and designers. In 2001, they define with Toni Cots, artistic director and producer of many international projects performance, the center’s objectives and share the artistic director.

The main objective of L’animal a l’Esquena is to establish connections between artists, students and public to make this place a “shared space”, dedicated to the research of artistic assets.

L’Animal a l’Esquena attempts to reflect the current needs of contemporary arts practices to make possible a change of identity values​​, assets and visuelles.Pour make this possible, it involves the establishment of a structure, a network of collaboration and framework for research in which diversity is recognized and accepted.

Within the Culture Programme 2007-2013, part Cooperation with third countries, the project revolves around a golf residencies at the five partners.

Artists proposed by L’Animal a l’Esquena :
- Leo Castro, artist and videographer, Spain
- Carme Torrent, choregrapher et dancer, Spain

Artists hosted by L’Animal a l’Esquena :
- Gruppo Nanou, performers, Italy
- Ammar Habli, choregrapher and performer, Tunisia

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