Miniature love dance, Shayma Aziz



Love Dance is a 5 minutes stop motion animation film. Created with frame by frame drawing with charcoal on paper. It stresses on the dilemma of two lovers that long to express their affection physically, but always halt right in the middle, because of their own feelings of guilt and shame. Each choreographic sequence convey the feeling of the desire to express relatedness that is obstructed by invisible hurdles (i.e. culture, society, self-censorship,..etc) So the main decisive element in the body movement is restriction. The technique of making this film was chosen to be with charcoal drawing. An easily erased material. Stressing again on the nature of the video: trial and failure, repetition. The film only pictures a certain state of expressing love in a city like Cairo. Where restrictions come to be a very present element in the daily life. Confusion, shame, guilt and self censorship become a normal kind of behaviour.”

Shayma Aziz


Shayma Aziz is a visual artist. Born in Asyut 1981, obtained a BFA in painting from Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor. Currently lives and works in Cairo. She held several exhibitions in and outside of Egypt, of which is women in black solo exhibition in Zico House Beirut 2009, Contrast in Still Motion in the AUC 5th floor gallery 2006. She also received production and travel grants from Miniature Offinae in Marseille, The Cultural Resource in Cairo and Safar Fund in Jordan. She’s currently experimenting with video and animation art, and has produced short animation and video: Anxiety 2010 & Take me Back to Cairo-Remake 2010.

Solo exhibitions

2010: Floating over Cairene Sky, drawing installation exhibition at Artellewa Space for contemporary arts, Cairo
2009 : Women in Black, Zico House Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2006: Contrast In Still Motion, 5th Floor Gallery. American University, Cairo
2005: Silent Images, Atelier du Caire, Cairo
2003: Drawings, Gezira Art Center, Cairo

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