Loups Of Various Emotions, Yendi Nammour


“A love story starts, exists, and very often ends. I don’t mean that I don’t believe in the possibility of everlasting love for some of us. But most of the time we start the cycle again, looking for the beloved one that will thrill us deep inside. More than once I heard myself saying that I didn’t think I was made for love relationships, that this was not for me. However and in spite of several heartbreaks and suffering times, i get back to it over and over again, looking for possible love. Each of us know this cycle, these roller-coaster rides leading from 7th Heaven to the deepest emotional suffering. But what I think about this cyclic aspect of love stories (on which I will focus during my research process) and what I want to highlight with this miniature, is far from being dark. I believe that all these love stories that we get the opportunity to live, including the tough moments, mature us, enhance us and give us the deep feeling of being alive.”

Yendi Nammour


Yendi Nammour (daughter of a Lebanese father and an Austrian mother), dancer / interpret and contemporary dance instructor. She trained at the Conservatory of Vienna (Austria) and at the CDC (Center for Choreographic Development) in Toulouse. In 2010, Yendi joined the Takween program of Beirut Contemporary Dance School. Since 2003, she has been working with different contemporary artists in Choreography and Dance Theater such as Virginia Heinen, Christine Fricker, Zéline Zonzon, Doris Stelzer, Marco Berrettini, Anne Le Batard etc. In 2012 Yendi collaborates with Danish choreographer Jens Bjerregaard (Mancopy) for the creation of Every last breath in Lebanon. Yendi is currently doing her own choreographic research between Europe and Beirut, and creates the solo The day I started sticking pieces of tape all around…

Sound: Yann Marquis. Costume: Julia Didier. Hosted in residency in Marseille by L’Officina from February 14th to 20th 2013. Final presentation of the Miniatures Ramallah program in April 19th and 20th at the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival. Miniatures Ramallah associates L’Officina to Marseille-Provence 2013, European capital of culture and to Sareyyet Ramallah-First Ramallah Group and receives support from Convention Institut françaisVille de Marseille, from Direction des relations internationales du Conseil général des Bouches-du-Rhône and from Mécènes du Sud – Projet Lauréat 2013.

© Freddy Peretti

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