(Français) Le quart d’heure, Julia Cima


“From thunderbolt to trance
From guts to detachment
From spontaneous gesture to strategy
From wild lemon to lavender honey
From bullets to kisses
From felt to feeling
From universal to oneself
From words to sorrows
From joy to madness
From fear to oblivion
From caress to tightening
From a smell to the truth
From fantasy to carelessness
From everything to almost nothing
From never to now
From forever to eternity
From love to love, the sweet one, the pathetic one, the great one, the unreasonable one, the infinite one. For a few days, we’ll work on the solo format to reveal states of the loving body in past, present and future.”

Julia Cima


Julia Cima works with Boris Charmatz from 1995 to 2007. She interprets for Odile Duboc, Myrim Gourfink, Alain Michard, Gilles Touyard, Benoît Lachambre, Elisabeth Schwartz, Laure Bonicel and Mathilde Monnier. Gildas Milin hires her in 2008 as an actor for his play Machine sans cible. She develops her personal work: Visitation (2005-2008), Je suis enchanté (2007), Danse Hors-Cadre (2009), POEM (2010), Rings (2012), Conférence dansée sur le grotesque (2012), Équation Sensible (2013).

Artistic collaboration and sound: Cecile Tonizzo. Dramaturgy: Youness Anzane. Music Salomé from Richard Strauss, Skeletal from Jay-Jay Johanson, Corporate Cannibal from Grace Jones and Campo di Fiori from l’Epicier. Hosted in residency in Marseille by L’Officina from April 1st to 6th 2013. Final presentation of the Miniatures Ramallah program in April 19th and 20th at the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival. Miniatures Ramallah associates L’Officina to Marseille-Provence 2013, European capital of culture and to Sareyyet Ramallah-First Ramallah Group and receives support from Convention Institut françaisVille de Marseille, from Direction des relations internationales du Conseil général des Bouches-du-Rhône and from Mécènes du Sud – Projet Lauréat 2013.

© Freddy Peretti

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