L’Aaroussa, Meryem Jazouli



“« L’Aaroussa » la mariée en arabe. À travers le mouvement des mains, le souvenir d’un moment de fête. Autour d’elle, un vacarme heureux, exalté, un moment de vie rythmé par les cris enjoués, les chants, les rires… Au centre de cette ambiance frénétique « l’Aaroussa » comme suspendue dans un espace temps, entre prière et abandon, cérémonie et improvisation. Seules ses mains viennent à exister dans un langage simple où le geste minimal s’oppose.”

Meryem Jazouli


After dance studies in Paris, Meryem Assari Jazouli joined a contemporary dance company led by Corinne Lanselle and took part in several projects of the company Zygote. Aside from her activity as a dancer, she passed her degree in jazz and contemporary dance, before going back to Morocco in 1995. She then concentrated on teaching, with some artistic breaks such as Co(…)incidences with Fatou Traoré. In 2005 she created Temps de chien presented to the French Institute of Casablanca, and to the On marche festival in Marrakech. In 2007 she wrote in collaboration with Mouna Sekkat, the duet the Tantale Dress. She also took part to the “artistic gateway/bridge” (an event created by a collective of plastic artists), and presented a danced performance to the Casablanca Arts School. In 2008 the Tantale dress will be presented to the Moussen en Belgique Festival, and to the CCNT, with the festival Danse d’existence, danse de resistance. At the end of the same year began the research and creative process around the project Kelma… un cri a la mer, of which an extract will be shown at the On marche festival in Marrakech in January 2009.

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