La pomme de terre, Imen Smaoui



“I was born of a Potato
Of water of mother
Where swims my father, my brother, my sister and fellow-member
I am neither red, nor white, neither black, nor yellow
I was born the color of the ground.”

Imen Smaoui


Imen Smaoui received her training at the international dance center in Paris from 1981 to 1984. With she returned to Tunisia she collaborated with Tunisian directors as a dancer actress and choreographer, more particularly with director Taxfik Jebali from 1990 to 1997. In 1995 she taught contemporary dance at the dance academy in Tunis. She directed workshops for actors on the perception of direction and space. In 1999 she met choreographer Ornella d’Agostini, attended several workshops and became the interpreter of her work la balada d’el errore. In parallel, she continued to create her own pieces which were performed in Maghreb, in the Middle East and Europe (Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Germany…). March 2004 sees the premiere of her creation Behind silence, a production by theatre Jean Vitry – on Stage which was nourished by residences, meetings and workshops with the young people of the city of Vitry sur Seine. In 2006 she teaches contemporary dance at the professional dance school Ness elfen. From 2006 to 2010 she directs workshops on the body consciousness in space for theatre students of the French Lycée Mendes France in Tunis. Since 2008, she has started a series of workshop with amateurs and professionals of various horizons, dance, circus, theatre, photographers, video artists… by the constraint of unavailability of a permanent space, has led this group to gradually explore a work in public spaces: on the beach, in forests, etc. Même moi revenue is her last Duet performed in February 2010. It originated from a meeting with the choreographer Genevieve Mazin. This last duet is a confrontation between two writings, two visions and two bodies on stages. It is also a division of their two experiments of dance and life. This first duet gave both choreographers the desire for delving deeper into this exploration with the support of the Jean-Vilar theatre today to accompany this project by producing a second opus, which is programmed in Vitry-sur-Seine on June 7, 2011. Today Imen Smaoui takes an active part in many projects between the two shores such as Dream City, a pluridisciplinary bi annual manifestation taking place in Tunis in which she takes part in October 2010 with a dance and video installation performance entitled the Sacring of time.

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