I’m a love result, Arnaud Saury



“The loving bond. The absent other. I’m saying love notes from an other, that were not necessarily aimed at me. I hum words from someone else and sing the love he had himself sung. I have assumed names, Nicolas, Sylvie, Bernadette, Dave, Patrick, Michèle, Jo, Pascal, Thérèse… A cohort of crooners, of singers-for-a-day or advanced singers. I might not know who these words were aimed at. Yet I don’t forget their authors. I keep in mind this gang of besotted ones. I’m not saying I love you. I’m saying that other people said it before.”

Arnaud Saury


Arnaud Saury studied at the TNB Theatre School of Rennes (1994/97). He then works with Matthias Langhoff for Femmes de Troie based on Euripide’s play and for L’Inspecteur Général (Le Révizor) by Nicolas Gogol, with Jean-Luc Terrade / Les Marches de L’Eté Co, for Fragments de Théâtre II by Samuel Beckett, Les Femmes Savantes by Molière and Lenz by Georg Büchner that he codirected. He is a dissident member of La Zouze / Christophe Haleb Co, where he was – among others and since 2004 – an atypical dancer on a part time basis (Domestic Flights, Résidence Secondaire, Dé-camper, Evelyne House of shame, Liquide, 2 fresh 2 die, with photographer Cyrille Weiner). In 2006 he joins the working group Humanus Gruppo in Rennes (La conquête du pôle sud by Manfred Karge, Quai ouest by B-M Koltès with Rachid Zanouda, La Dingoterie (Entretiens avec Françoise Dolto) with Eric Didry and In Bed with JC (entretiens avec John Cassavetes). Works with Nicolas Frize for La Danse des Traductions. Codirects Ce qui reste d’après based on Edward Stachura with Petra Schulz and Espirals with Léa P.Ning / Viviana Moin. After having undertaken a working process within the penitentiary environment, he more recently got involved with mental institutions (3bisf in Aix en Provence, le Mas Careiron of Uzès, Guillaume Régnier general hospital in Rennes). He recently became the artistic director of Mathieu ma fille Foundation – Cycle Mémoires du Grand Nord : Sous nos pas – part 1 with musician Alexandre Maillard and Paradis – part 2 with dancer Séverine Bauvais with who he also co-signs a longer version of I’m a love result.

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