Construction amoureuse, Carme Torrent

Concept note

“Neither beginning nor end
Lucky constellation
Starting without preambles
(Fragments inside endless fragments)
Known bodies and still to be known
Sensitive spaces
The idea about …always to be re-invented-to revise everything again
“The resistance to the logo-centrism has a better opportunity to appear in the experience of spacing”
Context experience
Opening to other gazes a space for exploration
Creating the necessary context from where to watch, to observe that space
Stirring up the same attitude of exploration when looking at this space and the events generated in it
Changes of tone
Grammatical changes of person and everything acquires spaciousness
“Inhabiting the insignificance
Every place is an occasion
Nothing can be definitive
Are said and erased when spoken
Neither they become categorical, substantial movements, nor completely full and this is not because they miss something but – for missing what they offer
High Sea movements
As soon as they merge they vanish
“Avoiding the temptation to “fill an emptiness” not by subtraction but by emptying
By its potential of not becoming its own self ever “
What happens in between?
Entering into frequency
Putting oneself into orbit
Areas of intensity, of gradients, of flows
“Cuando emprende su viaje encarnado sin finalidad particular, (sin buscar la salvación) y encuentra entonces a otro viajero, al que reconoce por el sonido”
“When she starts her journey without any particular purpose, (without searching for salvation) and finds then another traveller, whom she recognizes by the sound”
Relation games
Strokes without end
Throwing, to throw the body into the void
“One impersonal self. As far as that self pretends to be filled with content, to be loaded with sensible movements, gaining a sediment, a weight, that is leading that self towards a depth, and it becomes ground and foundation. That without a place it is not the foundation of locations, it is what prevents from a lasting parcelling out, and by the way nourishes of insignificance all what is entitled of becoming a potential of unprecedented possibilities.”
Making, redoing and undoing from a moving horizon, from an ever decentralized centre, from a constantly displaced periphery that repeats and differentiates them.
To offer emptiness
“It is about a continuous whispering, an everlasting spilling. Restless, an indefinite deployment of movements, capable of what is insignificant.”
What to talk about, and what -therefore- to silence
An articulated space- a playground-
The strength of ambivalence

If we put aside the concept of love, what is then left in us?”

Carme Torrent


She studied architecture at the University of Barcelona, while working in various architectural firms, including the architect Enric Miralles, 1986-1994. Collaborates with the artist-performer Alexis Taulé with whom she participates in the “Action Days” in the Palau de la Virreina and Metrònom , Barcelona, 1994-1996. Assists in the installation of artist Javier Peñafiel Agency for sentimentality that took place in the space “La Capella”, Barcelona. The installation was also presented in Brazil, Germany, Italy. Works with the dance company Raravis Andres Corchero – Rosa Munoz, 1996-1999. At the same time she choreographies and creates various dance pieces MO, premiered at the Sala Beckett (1996) with text by Javier Peñafiel, blind quarter, released in Marseille (1998), NOT SEE released in the Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, within the program Polynesia Travel (2000), with dancer Bea Fernandez. These pieces have been presented in France, Holland, Germany and Japan. She also collaborates with the collective of improvised music and danse Barcelona IBA, 1996 to 2001. Participates in the 1st Festival of improvisation music and dance in Barcelona at the Teatre L’espai in 2001. Interested in the the work of Body Weather (Climatology of the body Laboratory), developed by Min Tanaka, Hisako Horikawa, based on Japanese Butoh dance, she travels to Japan.Regularly works with the company Tokason led by Min Tanaka, 2000-2009. Participating at various festivals in Asia and in New York. From 2001 has been part of the Cultural Association La Sospechosa, collective that generates various projects with a look at the body and contemporary thought. Among these projects is: PACK transdisciplinary research project around the body and new technologies. Creating a space of play between performance, the creative process and the investigation .With residence in the multimedia laboratory of the Sala Metronom Barcelona 2002-2003. The installations that merge from PACK project were presented at Metronom (2003), at the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (2003), Hall Pk of Barcelona (2004) and Cultural Center of Can Palauet (2005). Create the piece A cero with the musician Ferran Fages, premiered at the Festival of the Performing Arts Poblenou (2004). Co-directs the project Derribos presented at the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (2003 and 2004) and in the Nau Coclea Camallera. Receiving the visual arts award KRTU from the Cultural Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Develops with Contanza Brncic the pedagogical and creative project how we watch, we perceive, listen to the body. This project is part of Action 11 with music by Joan Saura. Works with the cia.Sol Picó. Teatre Nacional de Catalunya in 2004. Participates in the program “ La Caldera Express “ with Julyen Hamilton in 2004. Continues her collaboration with Constanza Brncic in the dance project De los Márgenes, shown in Berlin, Amsterdam, Peru and London in 2005-2006. Collaborates with the Japanese choreographer and dancer Hisako Horikawa in the piece Personas a punto de romperse co-produced by L’animal a l’esquena and premiered at the Festival Temporada Alta of Girona, 2005. Participates in the Madrid-Barcelona Puente Aereo, the residence and its premiere took place in la Casa Encendida, Madrid 2006. Takes parts in the proposed creation of a website Liquiddocs, the subject about Look at the body: new forms of subjectivity, created by Liquidlimits in 2007. Creating the piece you! co-produced by La Porta and premiered at the Festival LP07 Barcelona, in March 2007 and also shown in Berlin. She regularly collaborates with dancer and choreographer Carmelo Salazar in the research project the natural thing is to move and the series of performances Espaciales in Sala Metrónom, Barcelona, 2007. She has been part of the collective Farda (Platform for creation) along with Carmelo Salazar and Ruben Ramos in 2007-2008. She teaches workshops at the University of Architecture of Barcelona in 2007. Participation in the roundtable “Architecture and Dance” at the Festival of TNT2008, Terrassa, 2008. She is a teacher and a tutor of the MA program MACAPD in Girona-Ljubljana-Dartington, 2008-2010. Choreographic assistant coach for the solo dance The Winged Dog by Andrés Waskman presented at Mercat de les Flors, 2008. She collaborates with the project Anatomia poetica of Elena Córdoba. Performs in the piece Todo lo que se mueve está vivo at the Escena Contemporánea Festival in Madrid, 2009. She is currently working in a research and development project Moving about nothing from which to generate a collective space for reflection / practice.

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