To the artists

Ponder the identity of genders
Ask once again the question of the Other
Work the bonds as well as the distances
The power of possibilities same as the inner strength of conflict
Fathom the immensity of the loving heart the intimate unity of beings.

And circumscribe it:
To the heart of love
To the bodies of the couple.

To render some answers
Most often impossible ones
Or ever let other questions ring.

To give life, motion and voice to emotions
To offer instants that actually were lived
To unveil feelings
To sail for the very springs of love.

With artists from diverse horizons and practices
Of Mediterranean culture or origin, if one is to be found
Within various places and territories,

To search together or separately, but with the same will to define,
For the heart of love, the body of the couple
Its whereabouts, its words, its breath
The spaces and times wherein they evolve, resonate and move.

With written texts music composed, choreographed movements, works of visual artists, audiovisual images…

Bachelard used to say: « the human being is a beehive of beings ».
To be able to build our own beehive, without ever negating the very existence of each honeycomb that constitutes it.

To have each and every honeycomb exist, same as one admires the shapes, the back and forth that bees form in their flights between the flower and the beehive.
To take the time to flutter by before gathering
To accept honey as the mere reduction and sublimation of a long work
Regardless of the perfume of the flowers, the flights of the bees and the skies gone through
To explain then that the word miniature and its associated concept slowly came to us
That it best explains and reveals, the sense of our research as much as the architecture we desire for it.

Miniature or mystery and magic of sublimation
To reach the better for the essence of intimacy
A poetic reduction never to be destructive
As within a kaleidoscope where shapes interweave, superimpose themselves before bumping into one another to unite anew.

Freedom is given, then, to the artists to inscribe themselves within the prospect, location and time chosen,
To build for each a small intimate and independent honeycomb and erect together this beehive of beings,
Which will in turn show thinking men and women expressing the heart of the couple, the body of love.

Thus the concept of miniature through its mystery, its poetry, its shape and the all around design we are willing to give the whole project, appears more judicious than that of performance; it allows to settle true and multiple resonances between the arts, the beings along with their sensitivities and identities.
It then belongs in our appetite for encounter, our desires of sharing.

Finally, it participates in the action of making the depth reach the surface
Each place, encounter and time to be lived together eventually destined to eventually become a miniature,
Each miniature being a metaphor of the body of the couple, a mirror image of the heart of love,
Each future miniature destined to directly echo or become the discreet palimpsest of the former…
Up to taking the shape, as the residencies proceed and the work is accomplished: this beehive of beings.

These miniatures will thus be the resultant of the many manners of artistic expressions:
Such as the writing of texts, choreography, music or yet video works, voice, sounds, painting…